Welcome To Lakeview Estates

Lakeview Estates is the premium condominium community in Oxford County – with 44 spacious luxury garden homes on 10 acres in a quiet, private neighbourhood in northeast Woodstock.

Enjoy a tour of Lakeview Estates

Bungalows(15), lofts (7) and 2 story (22) styles averaging 2200 ft square feet occupy 11 groupings of homes on a circular private extension of Lansdowne Avenue. Lakeview Estates features generous 2 car garages, beautiful paving stone drives and walk-ways, private entrances, fireplaces, decks, courtyards and custom gardens. The extra wide private street includes 4 large guest parking areas.

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Lakeview Estates is set apart from other communities in Oxford County by its abundant green space  of manicured lawns, landscaping and 200 mature trees spread over almost 10 acres The extensive north and south perimeters of the Estates feature ample grassed, treed and fenced green space where a vast array of birds feed and nest.

Home owners and their guests enjoy a private swimming pool along with a tennis and pickle ball court. The pool deck and pool house with its galley kitchen can always be booked in advance for private family social events.

Lakeview Estates owners and guests enjoy easy access to the neighbouring Pittock Lake Conservation Area and its extensive trails network on the Thames River. Walking, jogging, cycling, canoeing, fishing, and cross-country skiing are all popular activities.

Residents of Lakeview Estates are provided with outdoor maintenance including lawncare, landscaping, snow removal, window washing and eavestrough maintenance. A committed and professional property manager guided by a volunteer board of directors is responsible for the day to day operation of the community.

The board continuously updates the communities’ long-range plan to ensure capital needs are funded and continuous improvements are added.


Lakeview Estates residents are proud of their community and committed to maintaining it as the premium condominium association in Oxford County.

Living at Lakeview Estates

Compared to owning your own home and lot, a condominium residence is a different form of property ownership. Accordingly, it helps to know what to expect as a condominium owner in Lakeview Estates. As well, there are a number of words and terms used in condo living worth understanding.

At Lakeview Estates owners have title to their individual unit and with the exception of making any interior changes that could impact the structural integrity of the building, owners have full control over what is done inside the unit. Owners are also responsible for maintaining the systems inside the home – heating, air conditioning, water and electrical – in good condition. At Lakeview Estates the owner, after obtaining approval from the Board to ensure proper standards are maintained, is responsible for the replacement of windows, doors and decks as needed.


Outside the unit though is significantly different. The condo owner does not have a classic freehold as they would of a private home and is not at liberty to deal with property in the same manner as they would in traditional home ownership.

For instance, everything outside a condo unit including the sidewalks, gardens, driveways, road and green space as well as amenities such as the pool and tennis court, are shared commonly among the residents and are referred to as the condo common elements. In return for the advantages gained through collective ownership of the common elements, control is given to and managed by the Board and the Property Manager. Upkeep and replacement is funded through the Operations Account and the Reserve Fund via the monthly condo fees.

Any changes or alterations to the common elements proposed by an owner must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors.

Lakeview Estates as a Condominium Association is essentially a small community within a larger municipality with its own governing body, financial organization, individual property ownership and public spaces shared amongst residents.

Effective October 1, 2022, following overwhelming approval by more than 95% of the owners, Lakeview Estates will enter into an exclusive, 5 year agreement with Rogers Communications for the supply of their Rogers Ignite cable television and internet package for all 44 units in our complex. The approval followed an in-depth study by the Board of Directors. The agreement also allows for owners to add additional channels and telephone service to their account which would be paid directly by individual owners.

As a result, starting October 1, 2022 (and for the next 60 months) $53.99 will be added to the owner’s monthly condo fee and Lakeview Estates (OSCC#111) will pay a monthly charge to Rogers equivalent to $53.99 X 44 units.

 For more information please click on the Rogers tab in the owners’ section of the website or contact the property manager